Transition from Y9

Transition for all young people begins in Year 9. Transition marks the beginning of the process of preparation for your child’s future. All pupils will have the opportunity to participate in a range of activities that introduce them to life beyond the classroom. They are encouraged throughout Transition to recognise their own ability and achievements. Confidence and self reliance are promoted to allow all young people to accomplish their own personal best.

Year 9 Person Centred Review

The Year 9 Review of the Education Health and Care Plan (EHC plan) focuses on the pupil’s views and aspirations for the future and acknowledges parental concerns and anxieties as well as parents expectations for their child’s future achievements. This Review is presented in a person centred style with the pupil at the centre. Relevant professionals who may be supporting the child will also be asked to join the meeting. The Review meeting is a celebration of all that the pupil/student has achieved. It is an informal and social occasion that will enable everyone to share ideas and receive information about what is available to support the young person towards achieving their future goals. It takes into account their personal choices and preferences. This information will form part of the first Transition Plan.

The Transition Plan is a working document that can be changed at any time. The Transition Review gives us a starting point. Nothing that is shared at the meeting will be considered as a final arrangement. It will simply be reviewed at the Year 10 Review or before if required.

Year 10 Review

At Year 10 the Transition Plan will be reviewed during the Year 10 Review meeting and adjusted to reflect the pupil’s new experiences and wishes. Parents views are extremely important and will also be included. The Year 10 Review is important when considering a possible future placement and personal preferences will be recorded here so that the appropriate planning can continue.

Year 11 Review

The Year 11 Review meeting will be completed early in the academic year to give the school the opportunity to apply to the preferred college or colleges for consideration. This allows time to make adjustments to initial choices should the need arise.

Visits to Local Colleges

From Year 9 onwards pupils and students will visit a range of different colleges and careers events during school time supported by school staff. We would advise that parents also take the opportunity to visit local college Open Days to see what is available and to be able to view individual college environments. Staff from local colleges come into school and give presentations to our pupils and students each year. This gives them the opportunity to ask questions and get to know college staff prior to visiting the college.

Business and Career Links

During the year we have a number of visiting professionals in school to give presentations about their work and to share their experience of the training they needed to be able to do their job.

They are also able to give details of the range of different jobs available in their work environment.

This gives pupils and students a first hand account of the commitment needed to be able to join the work force whatever their level of ability.

Travel Training

Travel Training forms a central part of the transition process. All pupils will be given the opportunity to participate in the Stoke on Trent Travel Programme. This project is designed to offer young people with Special Educational Needs the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills to travel safely and ultimately independently. Although this may take some time for some young people, it could enable them to take up opportunities at college, work based training or employment and to help them to keep in touch with their friends and enjoy social activities in the future.

Everyone will receive appropriate levels of support to allow them the opportunity to experience different types of travel. Being a good and safe pedestrian, catching a bus, using a taxi or train all form part of the programme. Pupils and students will be able to work in groups of 3, working with a member of staff. For some pupils higher levels of support may be required. One to one support to learn specific routes can be provided where it is required and personal programmes of support are designed to meet individual needs.

Some young people will always need to be accompanied when travelling in the community both now and in the future but, they will be included in the programme so that they can enjoy the experience alongside their peer group. It will also enhance their awareness of their own personal safety which is an essential element of preparing for the changes ahead.

The Careers Service

A Careers Advisor is in school every week and is available to pupils, students and parents. A Careers Advisor will attend all review meetings from Y9 onwards to offer advice and guidance. The careers service is able to provide specific information about post 16 provision in and around Stoke on Trent. They are able to advise on course suitability, course content, and the financial implications.

Additionally, they can offer support to pupils and students up to the age of 25 years.

Careers Event for Y8-Y14

Our careers event is held annually. Local and national colleges are invited and represented. Colleges that offer specific provision for young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Residential Colleges and Agricultural Colleges are available. This is an ideal opportunity to talk about the courses that are available to post 16 students and how your child might access them. All pupils, students and parents from pupils in Y8 onwards are invited to attend. Additionally, the school invite support agencies including Adult Social Care Services, Safe Places Team and Advocate Services offering help and advice. This event offers a rare opportunity to speak first hand to providers in an informal environment.

Transition is the beginning of a new era. It is defined as “passing from one place to another linking various stages together”. We aim to provide as smooth a Transition as possible for all our pupils and students.

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