School Council

The school council is a group of pupils who represent their peers and bring forward their views to improve the school and its grounds. The members of the school council are two pupils from each class from primary and secondary departments. The school council has been running since 2000 and our achievements have grown each year.

At the meetings, held by Mrs P Brown, we decide what we can do to improve the school. We don’t just decide ourselves what to do - our class peers put their ideas down too, through questionnaires and class discussions. To decide on the class representative, we hold a class election in September.

Please talk to your School Council representatives if you have any suggestions or ideas that you would like to put forward at our next meeting.

Our projects in recent years include:

  • School Council consultation for our School Development Plan
  • Nominations for local charities
  • Consultation for lunch time / after school varied activities
  • School Council pupil questionnaire
  • Raised awareness via our Road Safety competition
  • Nominated Eco Energy reps who focussed on saving energy and took part in the ’big battery hunt’
  • Setting up of an Eco council.
  • A recycling scheme in school

Eco Schools

We started our Eco Schools' Journey in September 2022.  We elected our first Eco Council and have made an Eco Code which we feel is the best fit for Abbey Hill.  Let's hope we can make a difference and gain the Green Flag Award.  The three topics that Abbey Hill will focus on this year is energy saving, litter and healthy eating.  

What is Eco Schools?

In our experience, educators and young people care deeply about environmental issues and have a strong desire to actively protect our planet. However, environmental issues such as climate change, biodiversity-loss or plastic pollution are huge global issues and the thought of tackling them can be intimidating, leaving many feeling overwhelmed and wondering "where do I begin?"

The Eco Schools programme provides a simple, seven-step framework that answers this question whilst empowering young people to make a difference in their school, local community and beyond.  Since 1994, millions of young people around the world have worked through the Eco Schools seven steps before being recognised for their efforts with a prestigious Eco Schools Green Flag.  

Schools connect their activities to three or more of the ten Eco Schools topics.  These topics break large global issues like climate change into more manageable and directed themes that prompt young people to consider environmental changes that they can make in their school and everyday lives. 

See below attachment which shows some of our progress so far! 



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